Not lazy just not motivated


im fired up still from the first day of class, Dr.sherer called my generation the laziest generation yet to come. i feel that is incorrect we are the first major technical genertation everything is done either hands free or by so type of command. things have gotten to the point they have because of the generatins before mine. its almost like a presidential term the things that we are now living in are those that were set in motion before i was conceived or even thought about. we are a generation that is untest and not motivated we liv in a world of wii allstars and pothead not because that is what my generation is about or wants its what the generations have allowed us to become. the reason we have dropped on the world ranking on innovations is because america has gotten more and more away from thinking for it self, it has now begun to look outside our own walls for the neccessities needed to be a stable and domminat country, when all that is needed is right here raw and waiting to be educated. the laziest generation i think not, the most misunderstood i think so.

Posted at 9:35 AM by Michael Bailey