I think guest speakers is a great way to learn and they really help influence us on how we do things to fix the world. I think its really great that the islams are able to handle the interogation that our officers are forced to put them through. They are making great lengths here in America just to get their foothold in and now they are opening the door of chances whic is great. I really wouldn;t mind knowing their thoughts of the war we are fighting against the taliban and see what they think is better between fighting or if they think reconstruction of people is better.

The african civilization is working hard to make great things happen and in the medical field it is obviously working. The people there are tryig to be healthy and they are doing what they can but a poor country is hard to live in andi think most peopl here could no even accomplish half what the africans have for the resources they have been givin.

Posted at 9:38 AM by Josh Soles