My thoughts


I think I have gotten more out of the first 3 days of this class than I have my 4 years here at Culver-Stockton. Our guest speakers have been absolutely amazing and our interactions in class just as amazing. I have to say our speaker today was probably the best i've had my entire time at Culver. I'm still thinking about the discussion. I actually teared up more than once during her presentation today. I've never had a speaker touch me like that. One of the best quotes I think I've heard came from her today. "Beneath Your Mother's Feet is Paradise." I absolutely love this. I mean she honestly changed our perspective on the Islam religion and the supposed oppression of their women. They respect their women there more so than people here in America do to be honest. I mean here women are treated almost as sex objects these day and though women are partially to blame for this the respect has nearly vanished. Not to mention women there have had to right to vote for nearly 1400 years compared to the what 90 years here in America! It was just really an eye opening speech today. I could go on and on about her presentation and I will in my journal but I'd like to cover a few other things we discussed in class as well.

Our two speakers on tuesday were just as informational and amazing. Learning about the drug companies from Dr. Pillay and how they only treat things like HIV and Cancer instead of cure it because that's where the money is at. How awful are we as people if we will let innocent people die every day just to make a dollar? These are things that not only adults suffer from but children as well. How can you look into the eyes of a child suffering and not want to find something to cure that suffering? If that's the kind of person you have to be to get a head and be wealthy I'd rather be poor the rest of my life. I just blows my mind that people actually think like that.

Other topics we've discussed such as us being in debt to China by 800 trillion dollars and us now being ranked 40th in the world has also gotten me tihnking. I mean how scary is that? What is America coming to? And what are we going to be like when my children grow up? Or my grandchildren? Our society is really just getting so lazy and completely reliant on technology. Hard work like my grandparents were accustomed to is completely unheard of now. People our age complain now if they stay somewhere and have to do their own dishes. It's honestly ridiculous.

This class has definitely been more than I thought and it's only the 3rd day. I'm looking forward to the next couple weeks and especially our experiences in Chicago. This is definitely a great way to end my time here at Culver-Stockton.

Posted at 8:55 PM by Jessica Fuhrman