After listen in class along with watching CNN over morning coffee, I have come to a few questions on not just how we as the United States are in the position we are in but the world as a whole. After WWII we were the top dog and as the top dog we lent a helping hand to those in need. this was great of our country to do but now we are 40th in intovation, China has not only surpassed us but owns our debt and we are in an economic resession.
After listening to Dr. Pillay talk on how most of Africa is very stable due to shakey governments. I had to look at the U.S. Then as he talked about how in South Afica cell phone technology is far passed our own I had to step back again. how can it be that our nation is so far behind? I think the answer is the simple fact that we have our hands into to many cookie jars. we spend so much time and money other places that we are being surpassed by countries that at one time could not have held a candle to the U.S.
The media is a great tool, but can be our worst enemy. today the news focused on the clemency granted to a man who went on a police officer murder rampage in Oregon and how a U.S. Senators daughter was carjacked in D.C. both of witch are big stories and need to be talked about. Along with President Obama's choice to send 30,000 more troops to fight the war on terror and plands to bring them home in 18 months. My step brother is being deployed in Feburary and he will be gone for almost two years. He is proud to serve and I am proud that he does, but how as a nation can we justify sending 30,000 more troops and spending an additional 30 billion dollars when we can stop the unemployment rate back home? We bail out motor companies with billions of dollars we don't have and we are going to spend 30 billion which we don't have. I think we need to be over there but how many billions do we spend that we don't need to spend else where? In China their children at the first grade level are surpassing children in the U.S. at a 3rd and 4th grade level, I graduated high school with a text book from the 1970's, a girl in my english class had a book that my mothers name was in! How can we spend billions when the people of the U.S. don't have a good enough education to determine why or country is in the mess that it is in?
My grandparents are baby boomers and buy everything in cash, them hardlt ever use credit cards. My grandmother told me just last night on the phone that they could get a house loan for almost 500,000 dollars! There is no way those two could ever pay that off! Our nation has focused so much on the things people have and not enough on the education of its people. This has to be changed, but how? I do not know, perhaps I don't know due to the fact that the governemt spends so much money else where my education fell short studing the same text books my mother used.

Posted at 6:26 PM by James Davis