Test #2


A) Bunce Island was a British slave castle that was used by slave traders to imprision slaves before they were loaded onto the ships and sent to America.

B) Edward Hopper was an artist that had a career in commercial illustration and print making. He is most famous for his paintings of American life showing the struggle of city living. (during the great depression)

C) Georg Phillipp could write in many styles of music and composed hundreds of pieces of music. He is considered one of the greatest German composers of his time. We heard a few songs from Telemann's Tafelmusic, II at the Chicago Symphony.

D) It is the largest pilgrimage gathering in the world with millions of people attending. This pilgrimage occurs four times every twelve years. The next one is scheduled to occur in 2010.

E) The Great Rift Valley is a geographic trench that is in East Africa. It is more than 3700 miles long. In a few million years, Africa will probably split up and form a new land mass.

F) A savanna is land covered with grass and scattered trees or an open canopy of trees. Most savannas are in Africa out of the 20% of them on Earth.

G) Porte de L'Afrique means Gateway to Africa.

H) 1. Military, Economy, Religion (State Power Triad)
2. Architecture
3. Grinding corn with rocks to make flour

2) Art can be an expression of a certain belief or certain situation at a given period of time. Back in ancient times, before spoken language, people used pictures as a way of communication. At the Chicago Art Institute, there were many different types of art exhibits. But our tour guide at the African American meusem said that you should not judge a piece of art before you know the story behind it, such as who made it? When it was made? What the society was like at the time? And what was going on in his/her life at that time...

3) Africa has many many problems. Alot of things needs to be done in order to make them a more wealthy and better society. Diseases such as AIDS/HIV is a big percentage of deaths in Africa, so maybe there should be promotions to help promote safe sex. Education is also another big problem. The education rate in Africa is very low in most parts, so if Africa were to educate their citizens, people would be able to help fix the internal issues, and therefore help some of the economic and social issues of Africa. Also it would help them to not persecute their politcal leaders, such as what happened to Nelson Mandela, who was beat and imprisioned.

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