Test 2


A.) bunce island was a british slave castle that was used by slave traders to imprison slaves befre they were loaded onto the ships and sent to america.

B.) edward hopper was an artisit. one of his famous paintings is Nighthawks, which is at the art insititue fo chicago.

C.) george telemann was one of the greatest german composers, he composed hundreds of pieces of music of all styles.

D.) it is the largest pilgrimage in the world. the pilgrimage occurs four times every 12 years. it is also believed that bathing int he ganges river will cleanse you of your past sins.

E.)the great rift valley is the name given to the continuous geographic trench that runs from northern syria in the southwest asia to mozambique in the east africa it is more than 3700 miles long. the rift valley is continuously moving and in millions of years it is thought to result in the split off of eastern africa.

F.)a savanna is considered to be a transitional place between dessert and forrest. exactly 20 % of the earth is covered by savanna. the majority of the savannas are in africa.

G.) porte de l'afrique can be translated to gateway to africa. there is a famous vintage french travel poster by roger broders that was published around 1930 which shows the port of marseille, france and the steamer ships in the water.

H.) 1. State power triad (military, economy, religion)
2. architecture (made scale models out of rocks before building)
3. hunter/gathers (made flour by grinding corn with rocks)


2.) Art can display the cultures religion and its beliefs on women, goeverment, and can even be a predictor to how educated a society is. Art can be a voice or a secret, it can tell the viewer the story or leave a viewer wonder the events that lead up to the art being created.

3.) there are many things that must be done in africa to create some type of stability and equality. there are many areas that are very plush and educated while other areas struggle and fight sickness and ignorance everyday. if the culture would separate itself from the primative ways and allow it self to be helped then education alone would turn many problems into success stories. their would be no fear of a myth or shildren being raped to cure a disease, they would not jail the future leaders of their socitey also they would fight common grounds that would drastically decrease the mortatily rate due to disagreements over religion and other tribes.

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