One question that i was thinking of today is how are the veiws of our two female speakers so different. I understand they come from different backgrounds and I can see both side of the story, but one says that women in Islam are honoured and the other says they are oppressed so who is right?

Another question i had is the question illiteracy, how do we as a world population go about solving this problem? I know many people that dropped out of high school to work their family farm, many of these people are considered illiterite. So we can help those who choose to become litterite but how do we help those who don't care or choose not to be?

My last question for this blog is on Iran. In class it was said that some people can't understand why we can't just let have Iran have nuclear power plants. My question is how can we? We know that the Iranian president is half crazy and is not about threating or attacking other countries. I f we allow Iran to have nuclear power plants they are one step away from nuclear bombs, and with those nuclear weapons who knows what they would do? My guess is the would hold other nations hostage for money or resources with these weapons. So how can we as educated people allow a man who leads a country the ablility to have nuclear power?

Posted at 8:55 PM by James Davis