One question I have been pondering lately is if the world would be in better conditions if each country only worried about themselves. Countries like Afghanistan are not necessarily benefiting from the United States “help”. On the other hand, efforts in Africa to end hunger are a positive example of help from country to country. In the end, which would be the best action? To take no action at all?
Will people in our nations always face racism and prejudices? Will people ever step out of their comfort zone and see others for who they really are? Is it so bad that I am Christian and someone else is not? Does this mean there will never be true equality in our world?
How can a family kill one of its own members? Will peace ever come to all those who have lost their lives due to “honor killing” by people understanding that this horrid murder and punishment should be given? Or will countries overlook this issue and allow people to get away with it for many more years to come?

Posted at 8:39 PM by Leah Schmidt