What to Wonder?


Now you know what really grinds my gears is how america has sent all of its jobs over seas because it costs less money to make a product. I wonder since this is happening could be one of the reasons why the good ole' U.S. is down to 40th from 1st really all that not long ago. By this happening it is boosting other countries econimies and hurting ours. But if you look from the flip side, the U.S. modernized so much faster then everyone else. Could it be that most of the other 39 countrys that our in front of us just be finally catching up to us and that could be why we are 40th? i hope this class will help my class mates and I maybe anwser a few questions we all have about the world today.

On to the speckers, very informational in my eyes. i really injoyed dr. pillay's pesentation about africa. His view on why most of the continent is in poverty at the moment. Since most of africa is mostly full of "new" countrys, they are all just going throuh the hard ships of finding out what works. Dr. Pillay said that the europeans were in control of the now countrys and they controled it with european laws and ways of life. But when the countrys became independ the europeans left there ideas to be run in africa by africans, and it sometimes doesnt work out there. This is common though out history with other countrys. I mean every major country in the world today had its hard ships in the first 75 years just trying to figure out what works. so i think it is just a matter of time before most of africa comes out of poverty.

Posted at 2:52 AM by Kyle Haeberlin