Test 2


Bunce Island was a west African island that was huge in the slave trade with the americas

Edward Hopper was a realist who painted life in America

Telemann was composer who wrote his masterpeices using a wide variety of styles

Kumbh Mela is a Hindu pilgramige held ever 4 years

The great rift vally is over 3,500 miles long and runs from northern Asia to East Africa

a savvanna is located in tropic or sub tropic regoins there are glrass lands with little no no hills

Port de L'Afrique conects france to Africa

1. government. 2. farming. 3. weapons for war and hunting

2. Art is huge in the way of society and how the artist represents his art is how he is feeling toward things around him. As we saw in the art museum along with the desovo museum many of the artist painted things that showed them or ment something thing to them at that time in their lifes or the history of their country and there society. As we saw in the Islamic center God is a huge part of their society so the wall painted with almost 100 names of god showed how important god is to them. Art is a gate way to see how people at a time in history think abput their society.

4. Going to Reza Aslan's speech about the middle east and the problems there was a really treat. he talked about pressure groups and how not all groups want global domination and these are the groups we need to focuse on becasue they are willing to talk were as the groups that want total global domination can not be talked to. i thought he had some great points and was a brave soul to walk into Chicago and do a little Obama bashing on his middle east plans. over all i though Mr. Aslan was very good, hearing him talked made me think that maybe with the right people in office we can stop the violence in the middle east, and getting those people in to office is our job as a nation

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