My Wonderings


When I signed up for this class I was expecting maps of the world and us having to memorize them. I was very fair off from that. We have been briefly covering the locations of different countries, but we are mainly talking about how cultures are living throughtout the world. A lot of the information is very depressing. Like how the U.S has fallen to the 40th innovated country in the world. This statistic was really shocking to me because this shows how we have become. Our country has become a very lazy society and it has showen. We are so focused on the doing this cheaper, that we dont produce anything. We pay poorer nations to do it for us. This tells me that our government is failing.
We have also had two speakers in our class. The first was Coach Morris and he talked about the since of globalization and how many sports teams are showing sectionalist views. He mainly talked about how in England protestant and catholic soccer teams would argue and say racial comments to eachother. This was pretty shocking to me. He even talked about how gangs would meet up and fight after soccer games. The second speaker that we had was Dr. Pillay and he talked Africa and the problems that it faces. He told us how there are many problems with diseases like HIV and Malaria, but also talked about how millions of people are dying from simply drinking bad water. He mentioned that not many countries are helping the cause and that are overlooking Africa because it is deemed as an unimportant continent.
Overall, eventhough I have only been in this class for a couple of days, it has made me open my eyes to the world around me. I am not looking at the world's problems as an American, but as a human who is just like everybody else. I am very excited about the remaining two week and am looking forward to learning more about the world.

Posted at 10:23 PM by Michael Cagle