Just being in Chicago...


A few things to know if you're ever going to visit Chicago:

1. Bring Starbucks EVERYWHERE!
Turns out, if you don't have one of those classy Christmas cups in hand, no one will take you seriously. At least, that's how it has seemed at our recent lecture at the Chicago Council of Global Affairs and even just walking down the street - although that may just be a $3.00 cup of coffee being used as handwarmers in this 29 below weather.

2. If you don't have a Blackberry, do NOT leave your home.
Apparently, in Chicago, you have to be connected to the entire world - constantly. If you don't have a Blackberry or iPhone, or some type of connection to the outside world, you may die from boredom of the people you are actually around. There are constantly people using their phones at everything we have attended... Yes, even the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

3. It's not called the Windy City for nothing.
The subzero wind chills have been averaging at about negative 10 these past few days. Talk about shock... There are more Ugg boots and ear warmers than I thought even existed taking trips up and down the Chicago sidewalks.

Posted at 9:31 AM by Sam Kheim