Africa to China all in one Day


Today our lovely little group spent the day at the DuSable Museum of African American History and in China town. The DuSable Museum was a very interesting place to visit. I learned a lot about the African American Culture and how they came to America. My favorite part of the museum was about Africa and how may differences there are in each part of Africa its self. Africa is divided into five different sections, each having it own different tastes. The thing that really caught my attention was the differences between east and west Africa. I'll start with East Africa, there were lots of europian settlers in east Africa witch lead to the section of Africa to have near 400 launges spoken in that area. The main thing that caught my attention to east Africa is that it had a slave trade, but it's that was to India. I have never heard of this before, and it was something i learned that i never even knew about. Witch leads me to West Africa, the slave trade here is very well known about do to the fact they came over to North America. But the most surprising thing aobut West Africa is that at one point in time salt was worth more then gold was there. To me that is just out right insaine to think about. To think that West China had so much gold salt was worth more then it. Crazy if you ask me.
After we spent most of our day in Africa we took the airplane(bus) a few blocks over and spent the afternoon in China Town. It was very different there to tell you the truth. No Mcdonaleds, no Buger King , and no Toco Bell, just native food that i had no idea what it was. I mean it was good, i had a noodle bowl, but i had to eat it with chop sticks. Let me tell you, its no easy task to eat with those things, i felt like a retart half of the time i was in there. But hey it was a very new experience for my class mates and my self, and it was a very good time indeed.

Posted at 5:06 PM by Kyle Haeberlin