3 Questions


1. When will the Indian Government step up and take control over the poverty and overpopulating of cities? Governments are suppose to be the controllers of the country, but if they are so poor on their jobs, then why should there be a government?

2. If we as a nation are in debt past our eye balls, why do we keep spending money on the useless and non-important things? For instance, when the president is ellected and initiated there is a big ceremony and lots of money is placed in the preperation of him/her stepping into office. There is one area that could be used to make up the money that is being lost.

3. When will women be considered equal to a man and if this day comes about in my life time, will a woman president be in office? We discussed today about women who were stoned and killed for nonsense things which could be prevented but we must act now or forever will be lost. Women should be given the same opportunity as a man if they are capable and able to do that line of duty.

Posted at 12:00 AM by Ryan Burns