a. The Bruce Islands was a slave trading post that Europeans bought, sold and shipped their slaves to the America.

b. Edward Hopper is an American Artist. He painted Nighthawks, a painting we saw at the art museum in Chicago.

c.Telemann was a German composer of a wide variety of music.

d.Kumbha Mela is a pligrimage that people of the hindu faith do atleast four times every twelve years

e. The Great Rift is a valley located in Africa.

f. A savanna is a flat grassland generally found in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

g.Porte de L'Afrique is a port into Africa.

h. Irigation, a form of writing, and a more productive agriculture.

1. I agree with historians and geographers and how they say that different cultures can be understood through their art. For example buddist do not worship only one god and it shows through their art work. As soon as you walked into the Asian art exhibit there were four different statues all representing something different. Two of them were protection and tranquilty. They also showed us several different forms of the god, ganesh. This shows that each god means something different to each individual.

2. I think art is a reflection of a society's fundamental beliefs and actions because art is a way to express how you feel about something that is very dear to you. Many people paint or sculpt things that have a lot of meaning to them. They are not going to go out and paint a picture of the sun if it beautiful before they are going to go paint a picture of the sun that means something to their culture. People learned a long time ago, that the only way that people are going to remember things is if they are still present in years to come.

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